Friday night and smoothie time!

This evening I am feeling bit under the weather, so I decided to treat myself with a really healthy smoothie boost made of beetroots, apple, ginger and garlic ..

Here you have the recipe:



One carrot – peeled and washed

5 beetroots

Two tablespoons plum base (I have this stored in the freezer from this summer)

one cup of homemade apple juice

1 cup of water

one piece of fresh ginger

5 garlic cloves

pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup

2- 3 fresh apples – middle part with seeds removed

3 tablespoons of raw lingonberries or lingonberry flour

one tablespoon of coconut oil

one tablespoon of tahini

Mix the ingredients together,  serve in a bowl with the following toppings:

chia, sunflower pumpkin and psyllium seeds,



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